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Allie Ostrander Brooks Beasts

In Her Words

I was trying to be cool and concise and think of a single word that encapsulates this photo, but I can’t. It was one of the most complex moments in my life.
I’d trained for months, every day convincing myself that I had a shot at making the Olympic. When I got to the line, I truly believed that I was going to finish in the top three and earn a place on the team. There were probably only a few other people in the world who shared that belief, but that was enough.
The race didn’t end up going my way and I finished 4th, but god damn I was proud of that effort. I fought for the whole 25 laps, I didn’t give an inch. I did everything in my power and it wasn’t enough. It was heart breaking and fulfilling all at the same time.
Not long after this photo was taken my friends and I attempted to drink every single beer in Eugene.