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2016 US Olympic Trials athletes reflect on memories.
Sharing what they felt that day, what’s happened since and where they are now.

Want to add your 2016 Trials story as an athlete? Scroll to bottom.

THE ARTIST’S OWN WORDS A David Bracetty Project

“I think it’s really easy to judge a lot of these athletes from the outside. From Instagram you think you know them. They’ll share a lot of X’s and O’s, weekly mileage, etc. But I think what a lot of what track and field is missing is digging deeper into how this sport has changed people’s lives and what sacrifices people are making behind the scenes to chase this Olympic dream.

Fans aren’t following a team or brand, they’re following a person. So any stories that shed light on who these people really are are important.”


If you’re a 2016 Olympic Trials athlete you can contribute an audio file reflect on your thought and memories and how that moment as impacted the last 4 years. The catch is I need to match each story to a portrait. Luickly I have over 200 portraits so there is a good chance I captured you!

You can shoot it over in an email to